After graduating with a BA Hons Degree in Illustration I moved to London where I worked as a Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator for a number of years. Over time I found the constraints of working in a commercial environment to be creatively limiting, and so in 2006 I took a career break and set off travelling to find inspiration. Eighteen months later I returned to my home town in Cornwall and spent the next few years exploring various creative mediums before investing in a laser cutting machine in 2016. The result of that investment is the work that you see here.

My art is inspired by my love of nature and my fascination with geometry, pattern and form. I am intrigued by the seemingly mystical ratios, sacred geometries and number sequences found throughout the natural world. I am also intrigued by scientific theories describing energies and vibrations that flow through the fabric of the universe connecting all matter.

On a small scale my art is an attempt to express my understanding of these phenomena and how they conspire to create the illusion of our physical reality. The intricate layered details in each piece are representative of cellular structures, flowing energies and the hidden quantum realm. By using strict geometric principals and mathematical ratios I attempt to weave these multilayered details in to larger, more recognisable forms, often choosing subjects that have a mystical or spiritual symbolism.

All my work starts with a sketchbook and a pencil. Here I develop and refine my ideas before meticulously planning the final design on the computer, often over a period of several weeks. Once I’m satisfied that the finished design matches my vision, I use the laser machine to cut the various layers. Each layer is then sanded by hand and oiled or stained to produce the rich natural colours. I then assemble and glue each layer before adding the built in frame. Finally, each artwork is named, dated and signed on the back for authenticity.



Art inspired by a love of nature, a fascination with geometry, pattern and form and an intrigue of mystical ratios, sacred geometries and number sequences